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Web Policy/App policies include drafting of Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy, and Disclaimer policy of the Website or App. As per Indian Law, it is mandatory to have web policy/app policy for your Website/App.


Advantages of having Website/App Policy

A well-drafted web policy helps you in avoiding ambiguity and minimizing legal risks.

It discloses how a customer or client’s personal information will be collected, stored, and disclosed to third parties and used on the site.
It helps in clearly outlines the rights and liabilities of the website/app owner. A properly drafted website terms and conditions and privacy policy provide protection against potential claims that may arise from users of your website.

Facts of Website/App Policy

Terms & Conditions are basic rules that one must agree to abide by in order to use a website.

Privacy Policy is a legal document required to protect a privacy of a user or client. In other word privacy policy states that any information which is being gathered by any website will not be disclosed to the third party without any permission of user.

A cookie is a small text file which is downloaded by the computer while you browsing the website or app. These files are sent to your computer’s hard drive when you visit a website. When you visit the website again, Cookies help the site to ‘remember’ things about the user and hence, it provide user better experience on the website.

Website Disclaimer Policy is a legal notice which is drafted to limit the liabilities that a website owner may suffer arising out of the website.It generally covers clause like-No warranties, Limitations of liability, Unenforceable provisions, this website disclaimer etc.

Importance of Terms of Service & Private Policy

Every online business needs to specify a detail description of their terms and conditions and the privacy policy eminently featured on their online site. A lot of users tend to overlook the pages that host the T&C not knowing their importance.

The terms of service contract details specifically the circumstances on which the service is rendered, whereas the privacy policy specifies to the clients how their information will be handled by the company.

Importance of a Disclaimer

A disclaimer is a declaration communicated to the the buyer of any merchandise or service, of the likely consequences of purchasing and using a particular product. As a rule, the law instructs the writing of a disclaimer as a mandate, for instance, when there may arise an implicit liability to a person’s well being such as the disclaimer messages printed on tobacco based products, but are commonly sold in all merchandise and utility platforms. A disclaimer acts as a guide to specifically secure someone’s power and obligation with respect to the usage of a specific commodity or service. It is specifically defined and showcased on products which raises a concern for safety or ambiguity.

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