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The Right to Information Act 2005 makes it mandatory for the Indian government to issue a timely response to citizens’ requests for information in the public domain. Filing an RTI application is a very simple process unlike most other requests to the government.

What is the work of RTI?
What is the RTI Act? The Right to Information Act (RTI), 2015 is an Act of the Parliament of India “to provide for setting out the practical regime of right to information for citizens.” Simply put, it allows citizens of the country to request information from any public authority about its work, actions, etc.

How is an RTI filed?

The Government, as per the RTI 2005, is liable to provide the information demanded to the citizen. … In such case, an RTI application will be filed with the state authorities. However, if your matter relates to the departments which are related to the Centre, then the RTI must be filed with the central government.

Why is RTI important?


The Right to Information Act is considered to be one of the strongest pieces of legislation at the disposal of the common man. It gives citizens the power to question public authorities and their activities, thereby not only promoting transparency, but demanding accountability as well. The Act is considered a landmark legislation in the fight against corruption.

Who all are covered under the Act?

In the spirit of promoting transparency and accountability within the government, the RTI Act covers various departments. While almost all the departments and bodies controlled or funded by the Central Government (even at the state level) are covered under the Act, departments funded by the State Governments are accessible only in those States which have State RTIs.

Departments dealing with defence and national security, however, do not fall under the purview of RTI. This includes bodies like National Security Guard, the Intelligence Bureau, and Border Security Force, etc. The state of Jammu and Kashmir is also exempt from the RTI Act.

How many times RTI can be filed?

You can file an RTI everyday or twice a day or as frequently as you want. Only thing is, once you have filed an RTI – you should wait for 30 days for the PIO to reply (except for life and liberty issues which are to be replied within 48 hours) before filing an appeal.


Who can apply RTI?

Any person who is a citizen of India can file an RTI application. He can go for filing an RTI at any point in time whenever he wants to seek any information regarding any government organization, or its any ongoing program, any public authority, etc. Any person who is a citizen of India can file an RTI application.

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