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The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) is the nodal agency responsible for building, upgrading, and maintaining most of the National Highways network. It operates under the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.National Highways (NHs) are the means of transportation on which traffic commute f on one place to other, these are under control of central government jurisdiction, like NHAI control its design construction and maintenance. Technically speaking there is no difference between state Highways and NHs.

India has 142,126 km (88,313 mi) of National Highways as of April 2019.

National Highways constituted 2.7% of India’s total road network, but carried about 40% of road traffic, as of 2013.In 2016, the government vowed to double the highway length from 96,000 to 200,000 km.

The majority of existing highways are two-lane roads (one lane in each direction), though much of this is being expanded to four or more lanes. Some sections of the network are toll roads. Only a few highways are built with concrete. Bypasses have been constructed around larger towns and cities to provide uninterrupted passage for highway traffic. Some existing roads have been reclassified as National Highways.


What is the importance of national highway?

National highways connect capitals, important places, ports and places of strategic importance of various states. Though national highways account for only 2% of the total road length, they carry nearly 1/3 of the total traffic.The government is responsible for the maintenance of the national highway system.


What are the documents required for FASTag account?

FASTag is a reloadable vehicle tag which enables automatic deduction of toll charges at the NHAI toll plazas.

What are the documents required for FASTag account?
  • Registration certificate of the vehicle.
  • Passport size photo of the vehicle owner.
  • KYC documents of the vehicle owner such as Identity proof, address proof.

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