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International Company Registration

International Business Company registration is done in offshore jurisdictions around the world. The registration of international business companies is done in many offshore jurisdictions.

For registration of international business companies a Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association must be filed with the Registrar of Companies or the authority responsible for incorporating international business companies in the jurisdiction. The information to be filed is very important information which is not made public upon international business company registration in the offshore jurisdiction. The information which must be provided for company registration is as follows:

• The proposed name for the offshore company

• The purpose for forming the international business company

• The initial capital of the company

• The number o f shares to be issued

• The types of shares

• The names, addresses and nationalities of the shareholders

• The names, nationalities of the directors

• The date by which the company will be dissolved

• The by-laws of the company

• The name and address of the registered agent

Many offshore jurisdictions make it mandatory for a person incorporating an offshore company to employ the services of an offshore services provider who is also known as a registered agent. The registered agent is a person or business who has been granted a license by the government which gives them the authority to be able to provide offshore services to clients. The registered agent must file all documents necessary for the registration of an international business company. In addition to this the registered agent must notify the Registrar of Companies of any significant changes done to the structure of the international business company after registration has been completed.

When registering an international business company in the offshore jurisdictions the name of the offshore company must be chosen with care. Offshore corporations will not be incorporated with names which have been used for prior incorporation. Also the names of the companies must not show any patronage to Royal families, universities and political parties amongst others. Names which are regarded as offensive will be rejected by the Registrar of Companies in the offshore tax havens. the entire process of international business company formation can take one day n some offshore tax havens whilst in others it can take up to fourteen (14) working days to complete.

International business company registration requires that a registration fee be paid to the Registrar of Companies before that authority can issue the offshore company a Certificate of Incorporation. After the international business company has been registered then the company is obligated to pay the Registrar of companies an annual license renewal fee which will keep the offshore company in good standing order.

International business company registration is inexpensive and there are many offshore registered agents waiting to provide good quality services to prospective international business company owners. Offshore companies make good investments as the provide asset protection and in many offshore jurisdiction are tax free business companies. international business companies make good business companies.

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