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Company Registration in Germany

In order to register in the commercial register the owner of the business will need to contact a notary who will file an electronic certified form. For companies in which the registration in the commerical register is also part of the establishment process, the limitation of liability will only be effective once the company has been registered. This is mostly for coroporations.

Benefits of incorporating a company in Germany

• Superior Workforce: Germany’s workforce is both well-educated and highly trained offering perhaps one of the best markets on the globe with which to find employees.

• High Technology: Germany possesses high development standards as far as technology is concerned.

• Excellent Goods: Germany is well-known for creating high quality goods around the world. Items stamped with the “Made in Germany” reminder are seen throughout the globe as a sign of good quality.

• Foreign Companies: Germany houses around 45,000 foreign companies and boasts an employment rate greater than three million in the nation. These facts have made Germany one of the leading jurisdictions in the world participating in the foreign direct investment. Germany’s stable economy bases itself on its ability to bring foreign business investment into its jurisdiction. Germany’s reputation for its dedicated research and innovation greatly assists its ability to attract foreign investors.

• Infrastructure: Germany houses an incredible infrastructure, including both a well-developed financial plan alongside a strong consumer market that is interested in purchasing.

• Economy and Legal System: Germany’s legal system is extremely sound, and its economy is solid. Both of these concepts make Germany highly attractive to foreign investors.

How to register a company in Germany?

  • -obtain the company’s name at the local chamber of industry and commerce
  • -notarize the files of association
  • -open a bank account
  • -the notary will file all articles of association at the commercial register
  • -the local labor office will be notified about the business and standards of establishment
  • -register with the professional of the specific trade
  • -notify the local labor office about the establishment of the company
  • -register employees for health and social insurance
  • -send the documentation to the Tax Office

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