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APEDA-RCMC Registration

Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) was established by the Government of India under the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority Act. The Act deals with the registration of persons as exporters of the Scheduled Products on payment of such fees as may be prescribed and fixing of standards and specifications for the Scheduled Products for the purpose of exports.

Who should obtain APEDA registration?

Every person who is an exporter of Scheduled Products shall obtain APEDA registration. A person can be registered either as a merchant exporter or as a manufacturing exporter.

Benefits of APEDA registration


APEDA Registration Is Mandatory For All Exports Of Scheduled Products. Through APEDA Registration, An Exporter Can:

  • Obtain guidelines on improving the packaging and marketing of the Scheduled Products to be exported.
  • Attend training sessions conducted by APEDA in various aspects of the industries connected with the Scheduled Products.
  • Get enlisted under the Exporters Directory available on the APEDA website.
  • Get brand publicity by advertising and promoting the products with the APEDA registration.

Documents Required for Registration

Details of registered office, head office and branch office.

  • Duly signed and sealed copy of application form.
  • Self-certified copy of Import Export Code (IEC) issued by the Director-General of Foreign Trade.
  • Bank certificate in the prescribed form to support the financial soundness of the applicant.
  • Certified copy of MOA (in case of a company) or partnership deed (in case of partnership firm) or trust deed/Memorandum of Rules & regulations (in case of trust/society).
  • In the case of merchant exporter, substantial proof for the arrangements made with the manufacturer. And in case of manufacturer exporter, self-certified copy of registration of the company from relevant certification agencies.
  • Details of registration with other Export Promotion Council/Commodity Board, if any.
  • Details of the licence issued by any sponsoring authority (DGTD, State Director of Industries etc.)


    APEDA Registration Fees

    • Rs. 5000 (exclusive of GST).
    • Payment can be made either online (credit/debit cards) or Offline (Demand Draft in favour of APEDA payable in respective cities of APEDA Offices).
    • Government fees paid will be refunded by the registering authority in case of refusal of registration.

    Validity of registration

    • The registration once provided by the APEDA Authorities shall be valid until it is cancelled by the authorities.
    • Once registered, the exporter is obliged to intimate any change in its name, address, ownership, constitution etc.

    APEDA online registration process

    Once all the documents are provided to us online, our experts will work on the application and will get you the APEDA registration certificate.

    When can the registration be cancelled?

    The registration can be cancelled by the authority upon:

    • Furnishing false information.
    • Breach of rules by the registering authority.
    • Breach of conditions imposed in the certificate of registration.
    • Failure to export the scheduled product for 12 consecutive months

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